You can download the latest Mac release here. šŸ„³

seclook is a macOS/Swift app that sits in the background and monitors your clipboard, sending any IP, SHA2/MD5 hash, or domain to services like AbuseIPDB, VirusTotal, GreyNoise, and more. If any scanned item has a bad reputation score, you get a notification!

seclook and its notifications in action.

It is an app that I released earlier this year in January ā€“ it's been a while since an update, so I added a few things:

What's new?

  • The app now supports looking up IOCs in ThreatFox! The ThreatFox integration supports IPs, SHA2 and MD5 hashes, and domains.
  • The app now supports looking up IOCs in GreyNoise! The GreyNoise integration supports IPs.
  • You can now enable/disable lookups (e.g., VirusTotal, GreyNoise, etc.) within the Settings pane.
  • There is now a visual confirmation when you save your API keys.
  • Fixed a bug where the IP regex would miss the last digit in the 4th octet.
  • Fixed a bug where SHA1 hashes were being incorrectly identified as MD5 hashes due to overlapping regex patterns.
  • Fixed a bug where settings changes following hitting the "Clear All Settings" button were not persisting after a restart of the app.